Common Challenges Faced by Software Delivery Managers. How To Overcome Them?

software delivery

By: Jim Azar, Sr. Vice President, CTO DevOps and digital transformation have brought a paradigm shift in how software is designed, developed, tested, and delivered. They break the latency and fragmentation often seen in traditional approaches like waterfall development. Now everything is collaborative, continuous, and integrated as software takes shape from a basic roadmap to […]

Cloud Infrastructure in 2021: Protecting & Accelerating the Modern Business

Cloud Infrastructure in 2021

In 2021, it’s vital that businesses’ IT Infrastructure investments both protect and accelerate their organizations, allowing them to lead with agility and innovation. Join this panel of cloud and infrastructure experts as they discuss how IT leaders and businesses can effectively utilize cloud technologies in 2021.

Here are all the winners of AJC’s 2021 Top Workplaces awards

For the 2021 Top Workplaces rankings, 3,268 companies were nominated or asked to participate after metro Atlanta employees responded to print and online solicitations that began appearing in August. For the past 11 years, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and its partner, Philadelphia-based Energage, have surveyed Greater Atlanta employees to determine the area’s top workplaces. Energage, an […]

Saltworks partners with Secure Code Warrior on secure coding for DevOps

Article published in Help Net Security.  Saltworks announced a partnership with Secure Code Warrior to elevate the importance and accessibility of secure code education and skills development. By helping developers write secure code from the start, development teams can ship quality code faster, avoiding errors and reducing risks, and increase skills adoption. The partnership aligns with Saltworks’ strategy to […]

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Names Orasi Software a Winner of the Metro Atlanta Top Workplaces 2021 Award

KENNESAW, GA – March 22, 2021 – Orasi Software, a DevSecOps innovator accelerating software application delivery and adoption through automation, has been awarded a Top Workplaces 2021 honor by Atlanta Journal-Constitution Top Workplaces. This is Orasi’s fourth time on this list which is based solely on employee feedback gathered through a third-party survey administered by employee engagement […]

Getting Ready for Continuous Delivery? Avoid These Mistakes

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By: Mark Lewis, SVP Sales and Marketing Enterprises can Mishandle Continuous Delivery in Various Ways. How Can You Avoid them? Scaling Continuous Delivery across the enterprise is critical for a successful DevOps transformation. Aimed at ensuring that you are building functionality that really delivers the expected customer value, continuous delivery reduces cost while improving time-to-market, […]

Migrate to Cloud with Confidence


By: Mark Lewis, SVP Sales and Marketing Cloud has become a staple delivery model for almost every enterprise’s digital transformation journey in the current age. It empowers businesses with the composite mix of advantages that only a cloud model brings – elasticity, cost reduction, flexibility, scalability, and agility. But the decision to migrate any application […]

Opening Doors with Zephyr Enterprise and Orasi


As a SmartBear partner, Orasi has developed an integration for Zephyr Enterprise with Rational DOORS, a leading requirements management tool that makes it easy to capture, trace, analyze, and manage changes to information. DOORS allows users to control requirements, which in turn reduces costs, increases efficiency and quality of your products.

Why Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Failed Virtual Training in 2020

Why zoom

By: Karen Spencer, Area Vice President, OrasiLabs Product Manager COVID-19’s social distancing and remote work mandates sped the increase of virtual training and development adoption. With no indication of a return to prior levels of traditional onsite learning, the market has exponentially grown for effective virtual application training tools. eLearning Evolves with the Times Various […]

Top 6 Reasons Test Automation Fails & How to Avoid It?

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By: Mark Lewis, SVP Sales and Marketing As enterprises enter a new landscape of competitiveness, speed, and customer service, they redefine the way they look at software development and testing. Speed and confidence are now more than nice-to-have factors in software delivery. They are stapled elements if any enterprise wants to survive and win in […]

Eliminate Bottlenecks in Software Delivery

Eliminate Bottlenecks - Orasi

If you’re like most enterprises, your DevOps teams are still performing manual work when it comes to test data delivery and managing database schema changes. Bogged down by these inefficient and error-prone legacy processes, release cycle times remain painfully slow even though the rest of your CI/CD toolchain is automated. We hear you.

Train Quickly or Lose Big: Virtual Platforms Are No Longer Optional

Article published in Association for Talent Development by David Hand, VP of DevOps Sales at Orasi Software. Pre-COVID-19, the global software product market was valued at close to $438 billion. The estimated market value for online education technology (by 2025) was roughly $350 billion. Fast forward to our current time in which virtual work is the […]