Make Your Online Training Interactive and Engaging Using OrasiLabs


Using real-world examples, Orasi will demonstrate how to quickly setup and deliver an online class with OrasiLabs, one of the industry leading platforms for training lab environments. We’ll also talk about how OrasiLabs can be used standalone or in conjunction with a Learning Management System (LMS).

Virtual Learning Labs Ease Internal, External Training Challenges During COVID-19

Article published in Association for Talent Development (ATD) by Joe Schulz: VP Emerging Technology at Orasi Software. Much like the nuance behind the classic phrase, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it,” companies are finding that the shift from traditional in-person training to modern on-demand virtual learning platforms can vary widely depending upon […]

Delphix Partner Spotlight on Orasi


This is a syndicated blog from Resources – Blog authored by Orasi’s partner Delphix. Read the original post at: Delphix spoke with Orasi Managing Director, Terry Brennan, to learn how Orasi is helping customers blaze new trails in DevSecOps delivery and drive business transformation. Tell us about Orasi and your core competencies. We help our […]

Make the Move to Virtual Training Pay Off For Everyone

Article published in Learning Solutions Magazine.   Moving from in-person delivery to online, virtual training pays off for everyone: customers, providers, and stakeholders, even (or especially) during a pandemic. An excellent example of this is the recent initiative involving the implementation of a virtual training platform by a load testing and performance testing innovator. It turns out […]