How to Better Navigate the World of DevSecOps with Sonatype and Saltworks Security


“It was a pleasure to sit down and talk about Security, OpenSouce and DevOps with Sonatype’s VP of Solutions Architecture, Maury Cupitt. We are happy to share a guest blog post about our discussion – Dennis Hurst, Founder and President of Saltworks Security – Orasi’s joint-venture.” Recently we partnered with Orasi Software and Saltworks Security […]

Data Integrity Testing—Ensuring end-to-end data and decision integrity

Data Integrity

Businesses trust their Data Integrity tools to drive strategy and process optimization decisions, but the power of those tools depends on a complex infrastructure accurately collecting and transforming critical data sources. The slightest data integrity error can have catastrophic impacts that ripple throughout the organization.

Optimizing Cloud Cost


Many companies are trying to make or have made the shift to the cloud. It sounds so promising and simple. They are shifting existing footprints to a cloud provider or even multiple providers. No more waiting on servers to arrive that must be racked and stacked.

The Human Side of DevOps: People, Culture and Teamwork


This panel explores what it really means to be a human in DevOps and looks at how to ensure the business understands the need for a supportive and united culture and provides real-world examples of companies and teams that have ‘done DevOps right.’

Orasi Joins the HashiCorp Partner Network Reseller Program

Through a cooperative agreement, Orasi’s DevOps experts will sell HashiCorp’s enterprise products and provide strategic consulting services to Orasi’s global enterprise customer base. KENNESAW, GA — JULY 7, 2020 — Orasi, a DevSecOps innovator accelerating software application delivery and adoption through automation, today announced it has signed a Partner Network Reseller agreement with HashiCorp. The cooperative […]