Don’t Do Performance Testing (without a plan)

You have a new code release and two weeks for performance testing. What tests do you run? One common answer is to run the same tests you used on the last release (after fixing your scripts, of course). This is a good way to make sure the new release can handle the same load as the last one. However, this approach ignores a key fact: loads change.

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Webinar | 6/9/2015 | APM: The Ultimate Validation Tool

With APM, QA teams can use a holistic approach to test the system end-to-end. This allows them to find defects that standard QA tools may miss, and provides a more granular look at the entire system. In this webinar, you will learn how APM can be utilized in a QA process to find more defects and remove the barriers to holistic application testing. READ MORE >

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