Deliver better software faster and at scale with XL Release

Does your process support releasing software as quickly as you need with the quality you desire? Do your releases trigger lost nights and lost hair? Let us help you solve these and other difficulties by introducing you to XL Release from XebiaLabs.

XL Release lets you manage, control, and visualize your Continuous Delivery pipelines so you can find and fix problems early, as well as improve the process. Join us to learn how XL Release can help you:

  • Gradually adopt Continuous Delivery (without massive change)
  • Easily identify brittle processes and bottlenecks
  • View a comprehensive dashboard and reports that provide the data you need to make the best decisions at all times
  • Simplify and encourage collaboration
  • Stop managing release checklists and start managing the holistic release process
  • Integrate XL Release with other tools in your environment (open architecture works with all your tooling)

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