Mobility is changing business as we know it. According to Forrester, there will be 700% more mobile development projects than web development projects in 2015. Enterprises are now facing new challenges in developing and delivering quality mobile apps quickly, efficiently and securely. At the same time, developers are flocking to agile and continuous delivery techniques for all types of projects. These iterative practices stress frequent, incremental updates over large, monolithic releases. They also help get updates into the hands of your user more quickly, delivering value to the organization faster.

So, how can you apply continuous delivery to an app written for a mobile device? Are there techniques that allow continuous integration and deployment when you need to test on a physical phone or tablet? In this seminar, you will learn specific techniques to accomplish the following:

  • Event-driven build practices for mobile apps
  • Real-time app deployment to mobile phones and tablets
  • Unattended test execution based on successful build events
  • Automated defect identification and reporting during the build cycle

In short, you’ll learn how to give developers real-time feedback about how their code works, or doesn’t work, on real mobile phones and tablets. You’ll see how to automate the entire test cycle from the time a developer makes a code change to the time the test identifies the regression defect introduced by that change.

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