So, you’ve moved to agile software development as a better way of meeting deadlines and satisfying customer demand, but you’re still facing challenges.

No worries! Orasi Software and its partners have solutions for all those challenges.

Join Orasi, AppDynamics, Delphix, Grid-Tools (now part of CA Technologies, Inc.), Skytap, Tasktop, TurnKey, and XebiaLabs for a virtual panel discussion regarding these seven challenges that organizations “hate” about agile and how you can minimize their impact in your own agile SDLC:

  1. I hurry up then have to wait. I can’t achieve real acceleration of software delivery.
  2. Manual testing and the difficulty finding the right data for a particular test are the main challenges we face.
  3. Because I’m frequently releasing smaller chunks of code, heavy-duty manual testing in a shared test environment can’t keep up with an agile pace.
  4. Our initial agile project worked well, but all heck broke loose when we tried to scale it beyond our core development team.
  5. Due to the rapidly changing nature of agile, I can’t keep automation in synch with my applications, and I can’t be sure automated tests won’t become obsolete in a few weeks.
  6. I was happy with the monitoring my operations team was providing to the application, but now I have a new version and have to beg and plead to get the monitoring reconfigured.
  7. I’m trying to work within the agile methodology, but I don’t have suitable information about where to improve my process.

This virtual discussion will be an open examination of the agile methodology and how you can achieve better results by turning the challenges you hate into success stories.

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