All over the world, HP’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) helps software development organizations coordinate the testing of their applications. However, in many cases, the inefficient coverage of testing activities escalate project costs and time to market. Grid-Tools’ Agile Designer (AD) fully integrates with HP ALM, allowing users to de-duplicate test cases, improve test coverage, and reduce overall project costs.

In this webinar, you will see how AD enables you to:

  • Perform an algorithm-driven test case impact analysis based upon new requirements
  • Modify and/or create test cases when there are extended data permutations in a workflow
  • Evaluate changes to test cases for new UI-based options
  • Showcase import/export of test cases between HP ALM and Agile Designer
  • Showcase Datamaker integration with Agile Designer and HP ALM
  • De-duplicate, prioritize and optimize test cases after import from ALM into Agile Designer

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