The emergence of the Web Services tier as the Business Process Engine creates a uniquely efficient testing opportunity for those poised to seize it. Engineers are now faced with architectures that spawn 10’s, to 100’s, to even 1,000’s of Web Services, each handling discrete business functions. These business-critical Web Services present the opportunity to automate a much higher percentage of tests than what is feasible with traditional GUI automation and to do so much more efficiently.

Join us to see how you can:

  • Maximize test coverage
  • Automate efficiently to boldly confront shorter release cycles, continuous integration and service virtualization demands
  • Tackle disparate technology with ease – including composite, web, cloud-based and mobile apps, as well as SOAP/REST and XML/JSON
  • Master complex data and test scenarios such as integration points and interoperability of those components with each other and the primary application

As a compliment to HP Service Test, Orasi’s API2Go is a web services test accelerator designed to work with HP Service Test. It provides companies with a standardized, stable, integrated web services testing framework that allows more comprehensive testing in less time. API2Go also eases the migration from HP QuickTest Professional to HP Service Test for web services testing, and provides tests that are reusable within the regression testing suite for even greater ROI.

While HP Service Test provides the automation necessary to effectively test web services; with API2Go, HP Service Test script development times are reduced by an average of 50%, while maintenance is decreased by an average of 62.5%. API2Go also reduces production release risk, reducing test execution time by 70% over UI automation. And API2Go validates 100% of response fields. The result is more complete testing in less time, even for complex applications.

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