Webinar | 7/24/2014 | JIRA Bridge for HP QC/ALM: Rebuilding the Development and QA Relationship

Effective communication between teams is critical to overall quality and efficiency in the development process. JIRA Bridge for HP QC/ALM enables a true collaboration between QA and development teams by seamlessly coordinating information between the two, while offering them the flexibility to use the tools that best fit their needs.

JIRA Bridge manages information sharing by using bi-directional synchronization of defect and requirement data between JIRA and any release of HP Quality Center/HP ALM from 9.0 through 12.0x. Without placing an extra burden on your team, the tool also enables you to gather metrics on your round-trip issue resolution process to drive the stability and reliability of release cycles.

View this webinar to learn more about how JIRA Bridge promotes effective communication between development & QA teams to improve overall quality and efficiency in the development process.

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