Grid-Tools has released an exciting new tool, Agile Designer (AD), to assist with the creation and implementation of test cases for an efficient and fully-covered testing methodology. Advanced techniques can help testers link expected test cases with relevant data and expected results, as well as helping to eliminate duplication of test cases and to prioritize important ones.

In addition to plugging in to existing test management tools, such as HP ALM and CA LISA, AD enables users to:

  • Design the minimal and optimal set of test cases for efficient, fully covered testing
  • Link expected results to both test cases and data
  • Enhance and de-duplicate your existing test cases
  • Interface and supplement existing requirements and ALM tools
  • Define outsourcing work packages with unambiguous requirements, test cases and data

Why is this important? 80% of software development projects cost more than they return. Invariably, this is due to costly rework caused by production defects or incorrect work based on misunderstood requirements; which leads to delays, not only to delivery, but also to quality and value. View this webinar to find out more about AD and how it can benefit you!

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