For most QA managers, the term APM, or application performance monitoring, immediately brings to mind their Ops counterparts. Yet APM has a previously unexplored use as the ultimate validation tool for QA.

As multi-tier distributed apps have become more common, QA teams struggle to perform true end-to-end testing with traditional QA tools. Instead, functional, performance and GUI testing is often performed in silos, targeting individual components of the full application. It’s only in production that the definitive test occurs, and by then many defects have already been missed.

With APM, QA teams can use a holistic approach to test the system end-to-end. This allows them to find defects that standard QA tools may miss, and provides a more granular look at the entire system.

In this webinar, you will learn how APM can be utilized in a QA process to find more defects and remove the barriers to holistic application testing.

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