Delivering Secure Data

Data Masking – A Next-Generation Powerhouse

Combining data masking provides enhanced security, greater agility, and lower costs for application projects.

Data security is a top concern these days; as much as 80% of sensitive data resides in non-production environments and is used for development, testing, training, and reporting. In other words, the majority of your most valuable information exists in some of your least secure environments.

In a world of privacy regulation, intellectual property theft, and cybercrime, ensuring data security and protecting sensitive enterprise information is crucial.

During this webinar, you’ll learn why data masking is the most effective approach to protecting those environments—from insider and outsider threats alike. Unlike existing standalone masking solutions on the market, Delphix’s tools utilize masking to secure and deliver confidential data on-demand. Orasi and Delphix easily provide:

  • The ability to find sensitive data on all your databases and attachments to ensure that you know where your highest risk data resides.
  • Masking of sensitive data, to reduce your exposure of risk from hackers as well as provide data software developers and testers with data that is realistic but fictitious.
  • Rapid delivery of masked data across application landscapes—on premise, offsite, and in the cloud—in minutes, regardless of data size.
  • The ability to ship system-spanning masked data across sites, to third parties, and into the cloud, with minimal network footprint.
  • Services that span training, implementation, and project-based work through to the development of a Masking Center of Excellence.

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