In this session, you will hear a first-hand success story about a remarkable experience troubleshooting, optimizing and debugging a complex multi-tier solution. Orasi helped uncover issues in the batch processes, application code, graph database configuration, and even improved the JVM threading implementation. This collaboration helped transform both operational efficiency, as well as their performance testing processes. This improved solution delivered the actionable insights into service quality and customer experience by using a new generation of Application Performance Management (APM).

Join this session to discover how Performance Engineers can quantify solution updates both before and after they are released to production. Orasi drove this performance and scalability optimization by:

  • Defining clear success criteria with the business
  • Designing load simulation and data generation
  • Identifying performance bottlenecks, memory leaks, and tuning opportunities
  • Creating hypotheses for optimization experiments and then generating the test results
  • Correlating the overall solution in test to production to continuously improve the performance.

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