Learn how to shorten test cycles with test data scripting.

Implementing a coherent test data strategy is more important than ever before. This is primarily because agile testing and continuous delivery practices require high frequency and reliable test data, which must be accurate and efficient for every validation pass. Orasi’s Test Data Management engineers create test data scripts, which in turn generate data pools. These data pools are named, assigned and managed to support enterprise and Internet scale software release cycles.

With these tools and best practices, the solutions can:

  • Provide improved data coverage, as well as faster and more trustworthy checkpoints for the development organizations
  • Lighten the repetitive load on the operations and DBA staff so they can focus on continuous improvement
  • Provide clear traceability to test cases, requirements, and the overall release process

Join us to learn more about how you can implement a reliable test data strategy to reduce costs and deliver valuable software early!

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