A simple and powerful way to connect tools, share artifacts they create, and improve collaboration.

Thanks to Tasktop Sync, collaboration, status updates and reporting—using email, spreadsheets, and status meetings—are a thing of the past. With Tasktop Sync working behind the scenes to provide fully automated, enterprise-grade synchronization among the tools used by your software development and delivery teams, everyone can work in their tool of choice but have real-time access to updates other team members make in theirs.

By synchronizing artifacts across tool boundaries, Tasktop Sync maintains and reinforces the investment you’ve already made in your tool infrastructure, but tears down the walls these tools created around each functional discipline. And, by enriching their existing reports, Tasktop Sync gives management greater visibility across the entire project team—leading to better decision-making and planning.

We’ve been telling you about Tasktop Sync. Now see it in action! Check out this webinar, and you’ll find out how to achieve greater collaboration, flow, traceability, and visibility with Tasktop Sync.

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