Learn all about the Orasi Digital Authenticator (ODA)

  • How do you ensure that your organization’s development processes are in compliance with industry regulations?
  • How can you lock down an HP ALM workflow to ensure that changes are not made outside the process?
  • How can you ensure that a user approving an item is authorized to do so?
  • How can you provide an audit trail when required by compliance regulations?

HP ALM’s native workflow feature provides a structure for companies to customize ALM to fit with their business processes. But when it comes to validating digital signatures within the workflow, many companies are turning to Orasi Digital Authenticator (ODA) to deliver more comprehensive validation capabilities.

ODA is a templated workflow product that integrates with HP ALM’s built-in workflow and expands its capabilities to include validation of requirements, test cases, defects and more. With ODA, companies can customize the approval process to include what, how, and when items can be approved. ODA allows companies to implement workflow that includes multiple validation steps, with an extra layer of user authentication to ensure that procedures are followed correctly.

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