Manage, execute, and optimize tests and data across all testing tools in your environment.

Continuing our XebiaLabs products webinar series, we now introduce you to the first test results management and analysis tool that enables users to collect results from their full spectrum of test tools in a single location, XL TestView. This tool allows users to aggregate test results across multiple testing devices and analyze results from one central, configurable dashboard.

Check out the webinar to learn how XL TestView can help you:

  • Collect, visualize, and analyze data from all your test tools in one central dashboard
  • Extract test results directly from Jenkins jobs and other tools to make sense of them as a whole
  • Set pass/fail criteria and enable automated decisions on whether or not to go live
  • Identify potential problems based on your test results before they turn into bottlenecks, or worse, defects or downtime in the production environment
  • Manage execution of all your automated test jobs
  • Optimize and reduce your testing efforts by focusing resources where they are most needed

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