Delphix: Virtual Data on Demand

Empower Application Teams With Virtual Data on Demand and Self-Service Controls

How It Works:

Server Virtualization Started the Transformation

Most organizations have deployed server hypervisors, software that creates and runs virtual machines. A hypervisor makes a single, physical server look and behave like multiple servers by intelligently sharing underlying hardware resources (e.g., CPU, storage, and memory). Creating a virtual machine takes minutes versus the days and weeks it takes to prepare a new, physical server.

virtual_serverAnchored by Data

Despite the widespread success of server virtualization, most of the data in applications has yet to be virtualized. Today, when a development team needs a copy of a database or a new instance of the last application release, they have to wait for DBAs, storage admins, and systems admins to allocate storage, network, and servers, and then copy or restore the right data inside those systems. Each copy of an application environment and its data consumes redundant infrastructure and requires weeks of time to provision.

Delphix changes the data equation.

Application-StackA Hypervisor for Data

Delphix virtualizes the data inside databases, data warehouses, applications, and files. When additional copies of applications and databases are created, Delphix shares data blocks (similar to how a hypervisor shares server resources) across copies, so that each copy looks and behaves like a separate, fully functional environment. By sharing the underlying data blocks across copies, however, each new environment only takes a tiny amount of space and can be created in minutes.

deployedSync Data Across Sites, Clouds

Delphix uses standard APIs to non-disruptively connect to a source application or database, copy the data blocks, and create a single compressed “golden image” that can be shared across 20 or more virtual environments. With integrated log shipping and log application technologies, Delphix can stay synchronized with applications in near real-time, providing access to the most recent data.

In addition, with incremental-forever technology to maintain synchronization, Delphix can efficiently synchronize and move data across systems, data centers, bandwidth-constrained WANs, and to and from private or public clouds—eliminating data loads and WAN traffic by over 90%.

cloud_migrationAgile Masking

Delphix is the only solution that addresses both the creation and distribution challenges around data masking. Delphix combines patented data masking techniques with market leading virtual data delivery capabilities to enable the next generation of data security. With Delphix, application teams get full, fresh, and secure data sets in minutes.

With Delphix Agile Masking, virtual application data copies can be refreshed in minutes, bookmarked and rolled back to previous points in time, and branched and mapped to specific code builds, all as a self service and with 90% less infrastructure. Moreover, the simplicity of masked data distribution with Delphix eliminates security related objections to moving application development offshore or into private, hybrid or public cloud.

maskingAutomatic Version Control

With sophisticated versioning technology, Delphix effortlessly maintains transaction consistency, even with large, 100TB+ databases and data warehouses. In addition, Delphix can be automatically configured to record all changes, providing a critical change management system to preserve application states for compliance or to track application environments across release versions.

With flexible retention policies, Delphix can be easily configured to retain or recover data for backup, disaster recovery, or application archival. With transactional granularity, Delphix can be used to recover one or more application environments down to the second or to a specified transaction boundary, filling a critical gap in current data protection solutions.

self_serviceDesigned for Self Service

With an intuitive, web-based interface and role-based privileges, Delphix provides self-service data control for DBAs, developers, testing engineers, and business analysts. Rather than submitting a change request ticket for a copy of a data mart or an application environment and then waiting weeks for delivery, Delphix users can quickly and efficiently access the data they want when they want it. As a result, Delphix customers not only benefit from 10x hardware consolidation, they also benefit from 10x faster environment delivery and test cycles, which in turn yields 2x faster time to market for most application projects.

accelerationRuns Anywhere in Hours or Days

Unlike complex application projects and tools that can take months to prove, Delphix can be deployed in hours as a virtual appliance that runs on any server, any storage, and in public or private clouds. As a result, Delphix can quickly reduce the time, risk, and cost of application projects—even for projects already in flight.