Delphix for SAP

Accelerate SAP Projects

Maximize the Value of SAP

Delphix’s data as a service platform helps application teams complete more SAP projects, expands their reach, and positions them for a greater chance of success. Delphix software cuts SAP upgrade, patching, and development cycles by 50% on average, while significantly lowering the ongoing ownership cost of SAP systems.

  • Dramatically accelerate SAP projects
  • Increase quality and avoid recode with better, earlier testing
  • Reduce total cost of ownership

SAP Customers Run Faster on Delphix

Data Management Drags Out Projects

Data management challenges too often delay SAP projects, resulting in feature delivery that cannot keep pace with business needs. Inflexible IT infrastructure and slow administrative processes mean that it takes days or even weeks to provision data environments to project teams. Absent these environments, developers and testers are forced to wait.

Parallelize Dev/Test to Support Continuous Delivery

Delphix eliminates waiting by creating new SAP development, testing, and sandbox environments from production data in just minutes. And since Delphix environments are only 1/10th the size of traditional ones, new environments can easily be added on existing infrastructure to create parallel development tracks.



Fast, Flexible Data Enables Better Testing

Delphix can provision full production data to QA systems—in just minutes—to accelerate testing, integration, and validation. In addition, with bookmarking and fast data reset, project teams can perform tests earlier and more often.


More Features, Fewer Bugs

Delphix SAP customers put higher-quality code into production in less time. As a result, SAP end users enjoy more features and fewer bugs, driving competitive advantage in today’s fast-changing markets.

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