CA: Test Data Management

End-to-end solutions for traditional and agile environments.

The CA Technologies solution enables our customers to incorporate secure, high-quality test data management within their QA processes.
Nick Kavadellas, President and CEO, Orasi Software

CA Technologies is the leading test data management (TDM) vendor internationally; specializing in TDM tools and solutions for agile and traditional environments. CA Technologies enables companies to provision high-quality test data for its non-production environments by offering innovative solutions for synthetic test data creation, data masking, subsetting, data analysis, and SOA virtualization.

TDM is “…the practice of applying a structured and centralized approach to the management of test data at an enterprise level, in order to reduce cost whilst increasing efficiency and quality in development and testing.” It is, therefore, perhaps no surprise that more and more organizations are looking to implement TDM solutions that provide a systematic approach to creating and provisioning “fit-for-purpose” test data, on demand, throughout the SDLC.

CA Test Data Manager

CA Test Data Manager provides the capability to quickly design, find, create, and provision “fit-for-purpose” test data for the efficient, cost-effective test cycles needed to deliver valuable applications earlier. CA Test Data Manager can also enhance the quality of your production data or fill gaps in your coverage, based on the optimal minimum set of test cases to fully cover your requirements.

Using innovative functionality to find and match existing data to specific tests or generate synthetic data, some organizations have reported as much as a 90-95% reductions in the time taken to provision high-quality test data. CA Test Data Manager helps ensure that teams receive the right data, in the right place, at the right time to shift defects to the left in the software development lifecycle and to reduce time to market.

Key Benefits and Results

  • Improve time to market for revenue generating applications
  • Reduce defects during the application development process
  • Reduce the time required to provision and create test data
  • Improve testing coverage
  • Reduce costs of storing datasets for testing

CA Test Case Optimizer

CA Test Case Optimizer is an end-to-end requirements gathering and test case design tool which drastically reduces manual testing effort and enables organizations to deliver quality software to market earlier and at less cost. The optimal set of manual or automated tests can be derived automatically from requirements modeled as unambiguous flowcharts and are linked to the right data and expected results. These tests are updated automatically when the requirements change, allowing organizations to deliver quality software which reflects changing user needs.

Key Features

  • Create unambiguous, active requirements for close collaboration between the user, business, and IT
  • Automatically generate the smallest set of test cases with 100% coverage, directly from requirements
  • Update tests automatically when a change is made to a system to avoid manual test maintenance

Key Benefits

  • Reduce time-consuming, costly rework by eliminating ambiguity and detecting defects earlier
  • Avoid bottlenecks by automating test design and execution, data allocation, and test maintenance
  • Deliver quality software which reflects constantly changing user needs, on time and within budget

Test Data on Demand

Test Data on Demand puts the world’s most powerful data generation engine, CA Test Case Optimizer, on demand! Request, receive, and share high-quality test data, test cases, and virtualization assets, faster!

Some 20% of the software development life cycle is spent manually creating and locating data or testing with the wrong data. Performed in isolation, the data often fail to reflect changes in requirements or version. Correcting the data causes extensive rework and critical delays in testing. It also means that downstream teams are left sitting idle, waiting for the right data to be provisioned.

Test Data on Demand is a self-service, web portal that sits on top of the test data warehouse. Centralizing data requests and removing data dependencies lets you reduce the time to provision consistent, rich sets of intelligent data by 50%. Data can also be linked directly to test cases and re-used and shared across multiple teams, in parallel, to remove the constraints of cross-system dependencies on testing.

How can I access Test Data on Demand?

  • Segregate testing effort by separating test case design from test data provisioning
  • Reduce the time to provision the right data by 50%
  • Link fit-for-purpose test data directly to test cases and export into Micro Focus ALM Quality Center
  • Share and reuse data across multiple teams, in parallel
  • Centralize data requests, eliminating the constraints of data and cross-system dependencies

Cloning, Subsetting & Masking

Data cloning provides testers with an ad hoc, test-data-on-demand facility for extracting specific data attributes, from multiple systems, into development. This reduces the need to copy full subsets into development. It also helps eliminate the constraints that prevent test teams from accessing test data.

Often, rare occurrences of data are quickly “burned” for testing. This necessitates a complete database refresh request. However, that is costly and time-consuming. Data cloning allows you to extract just the specific attributes you need and clone them multiple times, ensuring that they are always available for use. You can also significantly reduce the time required to deliver data into development. As part of our data cloning work package, our consultants will help you to deliver a functional test-data-on-demand facility. Implementing this allows you to eliminate environment planning problems that cause costly delays in accessing the right data, in the right place, at the right time. It will also significantly reduce the time, cost, and risk of copying full subsets into development environments.

For more information on the benefits of building a test-data-on-demand facility or on how to build extract-and-clone jobs, please contact

For most organizations, subsetting and masking is TDM. It has many potential benefits such as securing sensitive and personally identifiable information, reducing infrastructure costs, etc. Our consultants will help you build valuable subsetting and masking which will provide development and testing with realistic, consistent, secure slices of production in agile environments. This work package is designed to integrate best data masking practice with more intelligent database subsetting. Using a test mart to drive subsetting allows you to ensure similar test attribute coverage to production. It also lets you move toward the concept of building federated subsets which allows you to extract subsets based on specific criteria from multiple systems, ensuring better test coverage.

Our consultants will also help your organization transition from a “live data request” to a live data exception” model which requires approval at the executive level. This model helps you meet compliance with both internal security standards and external data protection legislation.

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