Micro Focus Fortify on Demand, SaaS

A managed application security testing service in the cloud.

Secure Your Applications With a Comprehensive and Scalable Solution

Micro Focus Fortify on Demand is the right choice for organizations that need a flexible solution and do not have the resources (time, experience, budget) to implement an application security program in-house. Whether you want application security testing, open source analysis, vendor application security management, or discovery and risk analysis of your web assets, we have the services to meet your needs.

Key Features

  • Get started right away without slowing development – there’s no need to hire a security team or install expensive hardware or software. Start small and quickly scale to hundreds of apps. Our flexible solution can assess them all; web, mobile and client whether developed in-house, by a third-party or commercial off-the-shelf. Simple fixed pricing, per application (or by subscription) eliminates any guesswork.
  • Not only does Fortify on Demand offer the fastest turnaround times for results (on average 1 day for static and 3-5 days for dynamic), we back them with SLAs with contractual penalties.
  • Host your instance at one of our global data centers or on-premise in your own environment. Support is available 24×7, and the centralized portal is available in local languages.
  • Manage your application security program, coordinate your testing schedule, manage remediation projects, and collaborate across teams through one centralized interface. Generate assessment reports and export results to upload into other reporting systems.
  • Ensure that you always have the most recent and most effective security information from the smartest minds in the business. HPSR is a globally recognized leader in advanced vulnerability research and delivers regular security updates. To date, HPSR has identified over 860 vulnerability categories across 21 programming languages spanning more than 737,000 APIs across static, runtime, and dynamic analysis techniques.
  • Fortify on Demand offers comprehensive testing across static, dynamic, mobile, vendor, and open source applications. Additionally, Fortify on Demand is fully integrated with a wide range of development tools to become the backbone of a Secure Software Development Lifecycle including build server integration, IDE plug-ins, and bug tracking systems. Users can choose on or off-premise delivery or a hybrid solution.