Orasi Performance Test Intelligence Connector (OPTIC)

Real-Time Performance Analytics for Virtual Load

Real-Time Performance Analytics for Virtual Load


  • How do you correlate load from virtual users with transaction data in performance monitoring?
  • Are your performance, dev and ops teams able to analyze system data in a common platform?
  • How long does it take your performance testing team to pinpoint performance bottlenecks?
  • How much time typically elapses between performance test iterations?

The Orasi Performance Test Intelligence Connector (OPTIC) was designed to allow better visibility into virtual load impact for organizations using Micro Focus LoadRunner and AppDynamics. With OPTIC, the Micro Focus LoadRunner transaction data is displayed as a dashboard within AppDynamics, side by side with the transaction data generated by the system being monitored. This allows your operations team to see exactly when virtual load was applied, and what transactions were affected, in real time. In addition, OPTIC allows analysis of the impacted code at every layer, reducing the time required to identify bottlenecks. The result is a common analysis platform for dev, QA and ops, and improved collaboration on performance test results and analysis.

Case Study Name

This dashboard shows the virtual load generated by Micro Focus LoadRunner against the transaction performance recorded by AppDynamics.

To try OPTIC for yourself, visit http://optic.codeplex.com/

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