Micro Focus StormRunner Load

A smarter approach to agile performance testing.

StormRunner Load makes it easy to plan, run, and scale your web and mobile testing.

Easy to design & create a load test in under 10 minutes.
Intelligent & predictive analytics for fast problem detection.
From 1 tester to 1M or more geographically distributed web and mobile users.

Predictive analytics in real-time

With StormRunner Load analytics engine, you can see real time performance metrics to spot anomalies and other performance problems. Accelerate testing results and sprint velocity. Now developers can find their own bottlenecks.

Smart, simple, scalable

Modern user interface makes cloud-based performance testing simple and intuitive. Create test scripts in the browser using Micro Focus’ patented TruClient technology, an innovative scripting tool based on node.js.

From the cloud, for the cloud

No need to schedule, deploy and manage load generators. Use StormRunner Load to burst with your LR and PC scripts.

One solution to rule them all

More than 20 years of leadership in delivering innovative performance engineering solutions to accelerate agile teams.

Ready to get started?

StormRunner Load is designed to give agile developers the tools they need to quickly create, run and analyze the performance of their solutions before the performance tester gets involved.
  • Cloud/SaaS-based service – simple to access and leverage
  • Flexible load test scripts using HTTP & new TruAPI protocols
  • Ideal for LR/PC burst testing of 1m or more users
  • Automatic deployment of load testing infrastructure.
  • Rich & dynamic real-time performance metrics
  • Embedded SiteScope monitoring Integration to CI tools