Micro Focus LoadRunner

Get an accurate picture of end-to-end system performance.

Prevent Application Performance Issues

hpe_loadrunnerLoadRunner is a single load testing tool for mobile, web, and legacy applications to provide an accurate view of end-to-end system performance so that you can identify and fix any issues before go-live.

Key Features

  • Dramatically reduce the amount of time and skill required to script. Make testing of Web 2.0 and mobile web applications faster, easier, and more comprehensive.
  • Test a range of applications―including mobile, Ajax, Flex, HTML 5, .NET, Java, GWT, Silverlight, SOAP, Citrix, ERP, and legacy―from a single, easy-to-use, integrated software testing tool.
  • Test both browser-based and native mobile applications using the most advanced network behavior and service virtualization in the industry.
  • Run simple, elastic, and realistic tests from multiple geographies by scaling load testing in the cloud up and down to simulate the demands of business applications.
  • Integrate performance testing into your development environment including IDE, continuous integration, and build systems.
  • Identify application performance bottlenecks by using non-intrusive, real-time performance monitors that leverage application-layer and code-level data for root cause and analytics.