Perfecto Continuous Quality Lab

Cloud-based mobile app and responsive website testing platform.

Our Continuous Quality Lab (CQ Lab) is a cloud-based mobile app and responsive website testing platform made up of solutions that enhance how you build, test, optimize, and monitor mobile app usability and performance.

Test Mobile Apps in the Cloud

Ease the pain and limitations of mobile, manual testing and ensure a flawless user experience by verifying the functionality and interoperability of your mobile app under complex, real-world scenarios. Test load, speed, geography, gestures, and more.

Automate App Testing Across All Digital Platforms

Reduce time-to-market and gain a high level of continuous integration. Your team can run test scripts, plus you can leverage the automation frameworks you already use—including Appium, Selenium, and HPE UFT.

Make Performance Testing Part of Your SDLC

Assure high-end user experiences and reduce the time it takes to fix response times and availability-related defects. Leverage visual reports, logs, and video to achieve testing goals.

Proactively Monitor Usability and Performance

Accelerate awareness and resolution of production incidents. Our rich reports provide actionable information for quickly isolating root cause—enabling you to access the empirical data you need to establish benchmarks and validate app readiness.