Mobile Labs deviceConnect

Comprehensive management of mobile application testing assets.

Mobile strategies in the enterprise have extended well beyond planning for a single application for external use. Today, organizations have multiple apps that need to be tested across multiple platforms, operating systems, and device types. Maintaining a variety of phones and tablets in all makes and models that are available 24/7 can quickly become chaotic.
Add the security concerns around data management and accessibility and you have a complex situation to solve. So how do you securely manage all the devices in your test lab—within your infrastructure—while providing device access to globally distributed team members? Mobile Labs deviceConnect™.

deviceConnect is an internal cloud-based mobile application testing platform that provides comprehensive management of mobile application testing assets. The patent-pending technology brings order to the chaos of managing mobile devices and apps in enterprise test labs.

Unlike public device clouds, deviceConnect is highly secure, because implementation occurs inside your enterprise’s corporate infrastructure. Its location behind your corporate firewall means deviceConnect can be maintained remotely. Housed in a compact mobile cart, this turnkey solution consists of a server, which runs the deviceConnect software, and a rack available in multiple configurations to accommodate large quantities of mobile devices.

deviceConnect takes up a fraction of the space that other on-premises solutions require. Data center personnel can easily wheel the cart from one location to the next, and it requires no assistance from environment or power experts, minimizing downtime.