Mobile Labs deviceBridge

Connect cloud-based device(s) to a local laptop or server.

With Mobile Labs deviceBridge, many test automation frameworks and many developer tools used for checkout and debugging can retain cloud-based devices as if locally connected by USB. For such tools, deviceBridge serves as a “virtual USB cable,” connecting cloud-based device(s) to a local laptop or server. From the point of view of such tools, a cloud-based device appears physically attached. In reality, deviceBridge communicates with a deviceConnect™ server over Ethernet (LAN or WAN) to reach the cloud-based device.

deviceBridge can help developers who need rapid access to multiple devices for app checkout and debugging. Collaboration among teams is facilitated through screen sharing, making it possible in real time for engineers in multiple geographies to see what is happening with an app or a device. Using Xcode, developers can connect to cloud-based devices to run interactive debug sessions or to view crash logs to assist in problem determination.

It’s worth noting that deviceBridge also retains the option to use any device actually connected by USB to a client system. When deviceBridge is started, the desired cloud-based devices are added to the inventory of any locally-attached devices for applications such as Appium server, Calabash, Xcode, and iTunes.