Micro Focus Network Virtualization

Discover, emulate & test real-world network conditions affecting end users and app services.

Improve the accuracy and reliability of performance testing.

Micro Focus network virtualization technology discovers real-world network conditions (Mobile, Cloud, Web and WAN) and virtualizes those conditions within a pre-production test lab.

Network Virtualization capabilities

  • Discovery and Capture: Identify and record real-world network performance conditions (Mobile, Cloud, Web & WAN).
  • Virtualization and Test: Virtualize production network conditions to accurately emulate and test application performance.
  • Analysis and Optimization: Analyze test results and implement optimization strategies to improve performance.

Network Virtualization components

The increasingly distributed nature of applications and their users has created a significant burden on the networks and infrastructures required to continually deliver data and meet end user performance expectations. To manage this burden, application environments have become more complex, resulting in new (and numerous) potential points of performance bottlenecks.

Learn how to extend the value of the investment that you already have with Micro Focus Software by trying Micro Focus Network Virtualization (NV) today!

NV for LoadRunner

  • Discover, test, and optimize your systems
  • Reduce your performance related production incidents by up to 70%

NV for Performance Center (PC)

  • Capture, virtualize and analyze your applications
  • Accelerate application delivery by 30-40%

NV for PC on SaaS

  • Capture, virtualize and analyze your applications
  • Improve application response time by 50-70%

NV for Mobile

  • Optimize your mobile apps before deploying
  • Improve performance of your apps by at least 40%