Micro Focus Sprinter

Streamline and speed exploratory software testing for today’s Agile teams

Empower your manual testers

HPE SprinterTo attain both speed and quality, today’s agile software development and testing teams need to shift left and test earlier and more often. Exploratory manual testing is essential to find defects early when they are less costly to re-mediate. Micro Focus Sprinter unleashes tester creativity and makes exploratory testing fun again. Micro Focus Sprinter speeds up the authoring and execution of manual software testing, eliminating repetitive tasks such as injecting data, running repetitive tests on different platforms and keeping track of steps, so testers can focus on exploring the application under test. With Micro Focus Sprinter, testers attain crystal clear write-ups for accurate bug reproduction and maximize their impact of exploratory testing while slashing test cycle time.

Key Features

  • Enhanced exploratory testing―capture user actions as steps in a formal test
  • Data injection for eliminating the manual repetition of tests
  • Mirror testing: Run tests simultaneously across multiple machines for increased environment coverage
  • Automated defect scanners for key conditions such as spelling and compliance
  • Auto-generate smart documentation to improve communication with your dev teams
  • One click to automate with Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing