Micro Focus Business Process Testing (BPT)

Accelerate functional test automation through an integrated component-based test framework.

The secret to maintainable test automation? Re-useable test components

Challenged by frequent releases and demands for shorter test cycles? Are your functional test maintenance costs too high? Adopt the Micro Focus Business Process Testing (Micro Focus BPT) framework and move from one-off manual testing and ad-hoc functional test automation to an architected approach creating a library of re-useable test components. Micro Focus BPT accelerates the move to Component Based Testing: an integrated approach to creating a repository of reusable test modules that allow for changes to be made once then propagated across your distributed agile teams to all impacted tests. Tests become more readable by modeling business processes, more nimble to maintain, and re-useability helps eliminate costly test sprawl and helps testing teams quickly identify new candidates for automation efficiently and effectively. Integrated with Micro Focus ALM, Micro Focus Quality Center, Micro Focus Sprinter and Micro Focus UFT, Micro Focus BPT simplifies the creation and organization of shareable manual and automated test components always available for on-going testing needs.

Key Features

  • Rapidly create and manage a shareable library of re-useable functional test components
  • Support both manual and automated test execution
  • Eliminate the need to create and maintain a custom test framework
  • Auto-documentation makes it easy for new testers to utilize
  • Create and update tests for SAP and Oracle using extended capabilities
  • Auto-publish manual tests as components from Micro Focus Sprinter and automated components from Micro Focus UFT