Orasi API2Go

Web Services Test Accelerator

Web Services Test Accelerator for Micro Focus Service Test/UFT

Orasi’s API2Go is a web services test accelerator designed to work with Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT). API2Go integrates with the API side of UFT in v12.0(x) and v11.5(x) and is also supported in the standalone Service Test versions of 11.5(x) and 11.2. It provides companies with a standardized, stable, integrated web services testing framework that allows more comprehensive testing in less time. API2Go also eases the migration from Micro Focus UFT GUI testing to web services testing, and provides tests that are reusable within the regression testing suite for even greater ROI.

While Micro Focus UFT provides the foundation necessary to effectively test web services, API2Go builds upon those capabilities to create requests and validate responses more completely and faster than with Micro Focus UFT alone. API2Go accelerates the web services testing process and makes QA efforts more effective from the beginning. API2Go drives more data and data combinations, validates services responses, and performs data and structural validation. API2Go allows organizations to perform more comprehensive testing, as well as testing business-driven scenarios. It can also expand the scope of the data iterations and be leveraged to populate needed data for UI tests. It reduces the time of execution, and provides request and response messages in a file for further analysis.

With API2Go, Micro Focus UFT API script development times are reduced by an average of 50%, while maintenance is decreased by an average of 62.5%. API2Go also reduces production release risk, reducing test execution time by 70% over UI automation. And API2Go validates 100% of response fields. The result is more complete testing in less time, even for complex applications.

For more information about API2Go, email sales@orasi.com.