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Helping your business achieve value and efficiency.

Overwhelmed by the Wealth of Opportunities in SAP’s Application Lifecycle Management Platform?

Orasi SAP Professional Services can help your business achieve value and efficiency—and then provide mentoring and support for your organization—as you integrate different solutions of the SAP application lifecycle management (ALM) platform.

Orasi’s extensive experience with Micro Focus’ quality management tools, including its ALM framework for SAP, affords us broad-spectrum insight and experience that is not available with any other vendor. As Micro Focus’ original testing partner, we fully support and understand all aspects of the integration between Micro Focus ALM solutions and the SAP ALM platform (SAP Enterprise).

Although Micro Focus ALM’s role-based platform manages all aspects of application delivery, it doesn’t manage or mentor the people who use it. But as any good mechanic understands, it’s not simply enough to own the tools. Knowing when and how to use them is critical to the success of your business. Orasi helps you acquire that knowledge and use it to achieve the quality results that result in SAP excellence—and delighted end users.


Orasi’s end-to-end lifecycle approach complements the entire SAP ALM suite. Our range of services can be applied across any or all of the SAP ALM solutions.

  • SAP Solution Manager is a solution-wide ALM tool offering content and gateway to create, operate, manage, and monitor business management solutions. Solution Manager allows companies to streamline internal processes, minimize manual effort, and reduce operational costs by providing a central, integrated platform that includes the processes and tools to manage both SAP and non-SAP solutions.
  • SAP Enterprise Modeling (ARIS) enables you to create and manage business process models for SAP and other non-SAP applications that are integrated by SAP NetWeaver. With SAP Enterprise Modeling, you can easily associate people, roles, and responsibilities with the business processes they support. You can also associate systems with a specific business process. So if a system goes down, you know immediately which processes are affected. It also improves business transparency with change impact analysis and supports governance and system monitoring. Use ARIS Process Performance Manager to provide transparency over process execution and continuously improve your business processes.
  • SAP Application Visualization by iRise enables customers to create working simulations of web, desktop, and mobile applications to use and test—without writing any code. With iRise, stakeholders, end users, and development teams can interact together with the working simulation to ensure that the desired features, functionality, and look and feel are clear to all before development.
  • SAP Quality Center by Micro Focus provides a web-based system for automated software quality testing and management across a wide range of application environments. Dashboard technology gives you the visibility to validate both functionality and automated business processes, identifying bottlenecks in production that stand in the way of business outcomes. Micro Focus Quality Center enables the IT team to engage in application testing even before the development process is complete. This shortens release schedules while ensuring the highest level of quality.
  • SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization (TAO) is an integrated, holistic solution for accelerated end-to-end business process testing. TAO brings together the worlds of business process knowledge and quality assurance. The TAO solution is tightly integrated with SAP Solution Manager to accurately map test cases and test plans to customer blue print requirements. It streamlines the creation and maintenance of ERP business process testing with component-based test creation. Automated testing with TAO maximizes your testing deployment, reusability, and maintenance.
  • SAP LoadRunner/Performance Center by Micro Focus enables organizations to test user load before they go live and helps project teams make necessary adjustments to their environment and hardware configurations to handle user demand. With its thorough, integrated diagnostic and validation functionalities, SAP LoadRunner/Performance Center helps reduce slowdowns in development schedules and lowers the costs associated with such delays.
  • SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) is a high-speed data extraction tool that transfers up-to-date business data from your SAP production system to your development, test, QA, or training system. With TDMS, you can better manage and control your non-production environment by transferring only your relevant application data from your production system, keeping your non-production system lean and consistent. Protect your sensitive data with comprehensive data protection.

While you’re implementing SAP’s ALM solutions and learning best practices, engage Orasi SAP Professional Services consultants to provide onsite, remote, or rural testing services.