Micro Focus Cloud Service Automation

Deploy complex multi-tier applications quickly and accurately with continuous delivery.

Bring higher quality applications to market faster.

With Micro Focus Continuous Delivery Automation, you can achieve application deployment success rates of over 95%. Micro Focus Continuous Delivery Automation supports lab management automation and DevOps initiatives with flexible application modeling so you can independently model infrastructure and application requirements while managing versions, configurations and other application components. This means consistent, repeatable deployments across differing environments throughout the application release process. Micro Focus Continuous Delivery Automation fosters collaboration by bridging the gap between development and operations so that you can deliver the results your business expects.

Key Features

  • Automated release management enforcing requirements for promotion to next lifecycle stage
  • Flexible application modeling, an exclusive Micro Focus technology that enables independent modeling of application and infrastructure components
  • Application deployment and infrastructure provisioning using the tools of customer choice in physical, virtual and cloud environments
  • Self-service lab management automation providing lab-on-demand infrastructure build and tear-down
  • Real-time binding of application and monitoring to the target infrastructure assuring the performance of the environment