Automation, efficiency, & insight to meet the demand for faster deployment cycles.

Continuous Delivery Pipeline Orchestration and Visualization. Simple. Flexible. End-to-End.

XL Release enables you to create end-to-end pipelines going all the way to production—not just a CI server going to test or QA. Easily handle dependencies, release trains, integration with change/release management, and other challenges.

  • End-to-end pipeline orchestration for continuous delivery and DevOps teams
  • Analyze and progressively automate your release process while proving the benefits along the way
  • Handle pipeline dependencies, risk, and impact

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Agentless, Model-Based App Deployment. No More Scripts!

XL Deploy is the only application release automation solution that is agentless across all target platforms. Connect to Windows and Unix target systems using proven, industry standard remote protocols—no agent installation and maintenance, no overhead on the target systems, no firewall ports to be opened, and no security reviews.

  • More content than you could ever imagine—out of the box from WebSphere to Docker
  • Stop writing scripts and don’t bother with workflows, they just don’t scale
  • Agentless across Windows, Unix, and more

Try XL Deploy Community Edition – Download Now