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Orasi Digital Authenticator (ODA)

Digital Signature Authentication and Workflow for Micro Focus ALM

Regulatory compliance is both a common theme for many companies today, and a logistical headache. Smart companies take a proactive approach to regulatory compliance, building workflows and audit trails into their development processes. And while some tools have built-in workflow features that help, they often need a boost when it comes to adding digital signatures and validation.

Micro Focus ALM’s native workflow feature provides a structure for companies to customize ALM to fit with their business processes. But when it comes to validating digital signatures within the workflow, many companies are turning to Orasi Digital Authenticator (ODA) to deliver more comprehensive validation capabilities.

ODA is a template workflow product that integrates with Micro Focus ALM’s built-in workflow and expands its capabilities to include validation of requirements, test cases, defects and more. With ODA, companies can customize the approval process to include what, how, and when items can be approved. They can even set up multiple validation states, which can trigger additional workflow approvals.

ODA allows companies to implement workflow that includes multiple validation steps, with an extra layer of user authentication to ensure that procedures are followed correctly. Users can be defined by name or role within the workflow, allowing for more flexibility in large organizations. And ODA allows organizations to lock a project down so items are only changed within the workflow at specified steps in the development process.

When an item’s status is set to “approved” or “not approved,” ODA authenticates the digital signature and passes it back to the ALM workflow. ODA also coordinates with Micro Focus ALM’s native logging of history and audit trails, ensuring that records are maintained for even the strictest regulations.

Orasi offers the Digital Authenticator as part of a comprehensive consulting package. We assess your current processes and workflow and provide a Discovery Report. This report is used to customize and document the workflow to fit your unique needs and organizational structure. The custom workflow is tested and validated by the customer to ensure that it meets their requirements. Knowledge transfer sessions are also provided to make workflow administers self-sufficient in maintaining the custom workflow.

If you have any questions or would like to purchase ODA, please fill out this contact form.