Orasi Advanced Reporting Solution (OARS)

For Micro Focus ALM

Organizational excellence is not a destination; it’s a continuous improvement journey.

And you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Measurement leads to understanding, understanding leads to control, and control leads to improvement.

So how do you measure today? If you’re like most organizations, you have plenty of raw data but few measurable metrics. Utilizing a configurable capability and proven techniques, Orasi helps you produce customized and cost-effective dashboards and metrics. Orasi Advanced Reporting Solution (OARS) for Micro Focus ALM is powered by the leading data analytics tool, Tableau, and empowers your decision makers with data-driven insights, so they can monitor progress and improve effectiveness of your projects. Regardless of your organization’s current reporting maturity, OARS enables you to make meaningful decisions based on proven metrics.

Transform Data into Information

Project team members follow formal processes, document test cases, link test cases to requirements and defects to test cases, manage defects, execute test cycles, automate tests, plan cycles and releases, and much more. All of these activities generate a data trail. Reports present data in a contextually significant manner, transforming it into usable information for consumers.

OARS automates the data extraction and transformation into templates, providing predefined metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) in consumer-friendly dashboards, scorecards, and reports. This transforms your raw data into actionable information. These are the measurements you need to make informed decisions and improve your organization.


If you have any questions or would like to set up a demo, please email sales@orasi.com or call 678-819-5300.