Micro Focus Requirements Management

Track quality, avoid rework, and deliver what the business asks for.

A single view of requirements for all stakeholders

hpe_alm_rmMicro Focus Requirements Management lets distributed teams collaborate and share requirements, understand their relationship to tests, and evaluate linked defects―in a single shared repository. As an integrated part of Micro Focus Quality Center and Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management software, Micro Focus Requirements Management gives you a comprehensive solution for defining, managing, and tracking software requirements. The software gives business analysts and other key stakeholders multiple, preconfigured requirement types.

Key Features

  • Encourage widespread adoption through ease of use
  • Provide a single point of truth for both visual and textual requirements
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to make sure the right requirements are captured
  • Trace the links between requirements and other development assets
  • Enforce standardization for consistency and quality