Micro Focus Quality Center on SaaS

Maintain consistent QA procedures across the application lifecycle.

Deliver High Quality Applications at the Pace That Business Requires

To deliver the quality apps that your business needs, take an integrated approach to QA and testing. You can speed delivery by combining requirements definition and management, risk-based test management, multi-aspect test planning, and comprehensive manual and automated test execution for all types of environments by using Quality Center Enterprise.

Key benefits

  • Gain full visibility into developer activity and lifecycle processes from requirements management to testing and fixing defects. Easily capture, edit, and track requirements and test earlier in the lifecycle to improve quality.
  • Accelerate and automate functional testing with a component-based test framework. Built-in workflow functionality helps ensure that business processes are followed and functionality meets quality guidelines.
  • Streamline and speed exploratory software testing for Agile software development teams. Combine manual and automated testing for maximum flexibility and responsiveness of your testing program.
  • Test earlier, continuously, and more quickly. Accelerate time to market, enhance agility, increase application quality, reduce bottlenecks, and cut the cost of development. Sharing test automation assets across teams also cuts cost and improves quality.
  • Manage quality by using consistent, repeatable software testing processes. Track release progress and quality to foster collaboration and visibility. Calculate the risk and testing effort for all your requirements with risk-based testing.
  • Improve effectiveness and results by synchronizing requirements and defect data. Integrate QA and testing to simplify lifecycle management across multiple tools and projects for reduced cost and increased quality.