Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Intelligence (ALI)

Collect information to deliver complete application lifecycle traceability

More insight and collaboration and faster decisions

To fully gain insight and remove the latency in decision-making, IT staff needs traceability down to the actual artifacts and systems used by development teams to build the applications. Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Intelligence (ALI) delivers this traceability. ALI is embedded in Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) to aggregate information from multiple development tools and establish complete ALM traceability. By linking requirements, testing activities, defects to code changes and build management systems, ALI can surface actionable information and help application stakeholders make informed decisions.

Key benefits

  • Tighten collaboration between QA and development teams
  • Provide predictability based on risk, stability, quality and health metrics
  • Easily visualize change impact and make critical decisions confidently
  • Smooth the transition of new applications into production