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JIRA Bridge for HPE Quality Center/Application Lifecycle Management

Enable true collaboration between quality assurance and development teams.

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Orasi’s JIRA Bridge for HPE Quality Center/Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is an enterprise-class integration solution that enables companies to harness the full potential of Atlassian’s JIRA and HPE Quality Center or HPE ALM software by synchronizing defect and requirement information between the two tools. The bridge enables a true collaboration between quality assurance (QA) and development teams by seamlessly coordinating information between your teams, while offering them the flexibility to use the tools that best fit their needs.

Effective communication between teams is critical to overall quality and efficiency in the development process. The JIRA Bridge for HPE Quality Center manages information sharing by automatically creating issues when test cases fail during test cycles. Without placing an extra burden on your team, the tool also enables you to gather metrics on your round-trip issue resolution process to drive the stability and reliability of release cycles.

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Based on standard integration platform provided by HPE Quality Center/ALM Synchronizer
Full featured graphical administrator console for managing integration schedule, rules, and field mappings
Graphical integrity reporting to ensure integration rules are correct—every time
Bi-directional synchronization of defect and requirement data between JIRA (v4.x through v7.x) and HPE Quality Center/ALM (v9.0 through v12.0x)
Supports full lifecycle traceability between HPE Quality Center/ALM and JIRA, including issue linking and sub-tasking
Supports customized JIRA workflow definitions and multi-workflow environments
Supports flexible relationships between QC/ALM and JIRA projects—allowing the mapping of many JIRA projects to one physical HPE Quality Center project
Customizable business rules to define field mappings between JIRA and HPE Quality Center/ALM
Synchronizes document attachments between JIRA and HPE Quality Center/ALM
Data value translation between systems (e.g., HPE Quality Center Status New = JIRA Status Open)
Advanced logging and email notification

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