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Application Development and Test Management

Bringing development, quality assurance, operations, and release teams together.

Orasi and its partners bring development, quality assurance, operations, and release teams together to accelerate the end-to-end flow of features and applications. These globally distributed teams need integrated, scalable, lightweight tooling to be able to hit the ground running and eliminate manual, time-consuming, error-prone activities and handovers.

For more than a decade, Orasi has helped software development organizations achieve an accelerated return on investment by developing and executing their software quality management implementation roadmap. Our extensive experience allows for a significant reduction in the time normally required for product installation and configuration, as well as an avoidance of restarts.


Orasi provides comprehensive consulting services to support proven processes and best-of-class technologies. Our experienced consultants enable customers to realize the benefits of effective processes supported by trained personnel and the right technology. Leveraging Orasi’s vast experience with a wide range of software products, customers can be assured of the highest level of expertise and knowledge. Download the Global Software Testing Services and Orasi’s Roadmap Assessment: Improving Software Quality data sheets to learn more about our services model.

Global Software Testing Services


Training is more than learning which buttons to push. It’s about learning how to apply new processes and technologies within your organization and maximize your efforts. Orasi offers a variety of product and process training classes, delivered both on-site and online, to help unlock your team’s potential. These classes include: