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Propelling the Value Stream in a Software-Driven World

Systematic Integration Holds the Key.

10 Best Practices for Application Performance Testing

Leveraging Agile Performance Testing for Web and Mobile Applications

Bimodal Management with Micro Focus: Promoting Quality, Consistency, and Team

Becoming 100% agile may not be the most effective approach for many organizations. To address the various needs of software teams, savvy leaders are embracing a “bimodal” approach, where teams work with both traditional and agile execution models.

Building a Better ERP Roadmap

For any company using or implementing enterprise resource planning systems, such as SAP, a roadmap that includes a quality assurance process that will ensure success of software development, implementation, customization, accuracy, and consistency from beginning to end is a necessity.

Customizing Your SAP Platform: Put Security First

Vulnerabilities in web-connected applications present one of the greatest risks for a breach, especially for organizations that develop, customize, or integrate in-house or third-party components, apps and front-end sites with SAP (or any other ERP system). To reduce the odds of a potentially crippling breach, such firms must implement robust security programs managed by trained specialists.

Enterprise Security: Attacking the Problems of Application and Mobile

The mobile enterprise has created vast opportunities— and serious new challenges. IT is increasingly consumerized. “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) is the new byword of today’s on-the-move workforce.

How Requirements Management Improves Testing

Requirements management is not only part of the software development process—it is integral to the overall success of a given project. From the point at which a customer or user provides their needs, or once the overall development phase begins, requirements management comes into play.

Mobile Application Testing: Mobile Specific Testing Approach

With increased demand for more reliable and higher quality applications, meeting these demands are far more difficult. With an idea of available test types, as well as an understanding of where those fit into the life cycle of a mobile application, quality can be increased with a lower overhead due to more accurate test planning.

Mobile Application Testing: Rationale and Best Practices

Mobility is rapidly becoming a ubiquitous and required element of any enterprise communications environment. As consumers and businesspeople adopt mobile technologies for communications, productivity, and enjoyment, organizations must adapt to provide a convenient and secure mobile experience.

Mobile Testing: Manual Vs Automation

In some cases, it’s more cost effective to implement a manual solution versus an automated mobile testing environment. In other cases, the reverse is true. This paper will explore various examples and leave you with an analysis toolkit to determine which implementation should be used on a case-by-case perspective.

Payback Analysis: Software Process Management Tools

Improvements that Pay for Themselves—and Pave the Road to Agile Adoption

Performance Testing and User Expectations: Secrets to Application Performance Excellence

Organizations aspiring to high levels of user acceptance and satisfaction must develop an effective performance testing strategy. This paper will discuss some of the most common barriers and offer proven strategies for developing and executing a performance testing improvement program.

Real Devices vs. Emulators for Mobile Testing

As testing on mobile devices continues to be explored, to mature and grow, so do the problems that it can reveal. With so many devices in the market, how can companies possibly test them all? This white paper discusses two testing solutions: emulators and using real devices.

Redesigning a Failing Reporting System

Explore how Orasi experts eliminated massive data errors and optimized test cases for a new sales reporting system, allowing the firm to recapture millions of dollars being lost yearly due to flawed calculations and bad data.

SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA: The Benefits of a Test-Driven Deployment

Whether a platform migration or deployment, S/4HANA implementation will involve many technical and data migration projects. Organizations should plan for significant change management and a rigorous, detailed testing process to limit potential disruption to existing operations.

Selecting Which Mobile Devices to Test

Mobile Application Testing presents several unique challenges. The most formidable of these is supporting the variety of operating systems, their versions, and hardware manufacturers.

Service Virtualization

As cloud and mobile computing gain rapid acceptance, IT departments are expected to provide fast and comprehensive testing of composite applications. By deploying advanced service virtualization, organizations can reduce development time and cost, while ensuring optimum quality from those crucial applications.

Software Testing Center of Excellence

Why and How Organizations are Bringing CoEs to Software Quality Management

Strategies for Performance Testing Custom Salesforce Deployments

For organizations using and customizing third-party software as a service—and Salesforce in particular—performance testing can be tricky. This white paper will delve into strategies that can help companies ensure success with their custom Salesforce deployments.

The Quest for Database Performance

Read how Orasi performance experts enabled a global organization to reduce historical data processing time from four months to 21 days, saving millions of dollars in delayed release costs.

The Role of Web Services Testing in Achieving Application Performance

The only way to ensure that an application can connect to and successfully interoperate with each web service, every time, is through adequate testing of the web services. Yet, the sheer volume of testing such an approach makes the process daunting to most firms.

To Jailbreak, or Not to Jailbreak, That is the Question!

Does this mobile testing automation solution require devices that have been jailbroken? That is the question mobile project teams should ask before selecting their mobile testing solution…

Partner White Papers

An Intro to DevOps

Operations working together with engineers to get things done faster in an automated and repeatable way.

Best Practices for Implementing Automated Functional Testing Solutions

Today’s enterprises need to conduct thorough functional testing of their mission-critical applications to verify that all business processes work as expected.

Bridge Development and Operations for Faster Delivery of Applications

The new Continuous Delivery Automation (CDA) product from HP provides a model-driven approach to DevOps collaboration, automation of application deployment, and monitoring.

The ALM Hub: Unify Your Software Development and Testing Teams, Tools, and Processes

Agile software development processes help your organization keep pace with the application requirements of a fast-moving business.

Composite Applications

Break the delivery logjam with HPE Service Virtualization.

Finding the Root Cause of Application Performance Issues in Production

The most enjoyable part of my job at AppDynamics is to witness and evangelize customer success. What’s slightly strange is that for this to happen, an application has to slow down or crash.

HPE Software as a Services

Federated SSO Guide.

Know Before You Deploy

Take control of your apps with service and network virtualization.

Modernize Application Performance Testing

Make performance testing pay off with service virtualization.

Master Every Stage of Your Mobile App Lifecycle: Micro Focus Mobile Center

Five mobile application monitoring truths IT must know.

My application is too slow, it crashes, and abuses resources—now what?

The need for application diagnostics tools.

Seven Best Practices for Business-Ready Applications

One of the keys to developing applications that meet business requirements is to define the right requirements up front.

Survival Guide for Testing Modern Applications

According to a Forrester survey, the primary business drivers behind application modernization efforts are business agility, innovation, and cost savings.1.

Target the Disconnects Between Development and Operations

Focusing on key challenges to kick-start your DevOps journey.

The ROI of Application Performance Management

We talked to a few of our customers and asked them to answer a simple question: How much have you saved with APM? Our customers did some calculations, and the results were pretty significant.