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Application Performance Engineering Services Catalog

Performance engineering encompasses all aspects of software architecture—from designing measurable success criteria, to defining a valid test platform for analysis, to validating and optimizing the performance during development, and finally, to monitoring the performance once deployed.


Continuous Integration and Delivery Services Catalog

Continuous integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) are the practices of leveraging software automation to speed up the time to move changes into production with high quality. This involves automating multiple tiers of build, validation, and deployment. These software engineering practices are truly transformational for the SDLC.


Delphix Data Masking Services Catalog

Delphix is the fastest and safest way to deliver data to your test environments. Running as a virtual machine on any server or cloud, Delphix virtualizes data in databases, file systems, and applications and delivers up-to-date virtual copies for testing on demand. Delphix also automatically integrates masking to protect your data and requires a fraction of the storage space of full, physical copies.


Mobile Application Testing Services Catalog

Mobile testing is essentially software testing in which mobile devices are just new target platforms. Yet mobile testing must be capable of handling multiple devices and operating systems, while also addressing the issues of global coverage, regional differences, and mobility-specific application tasks, product logistics, and apps procurement.


Test Data Management Services Catalog

Test data management is the practice of applying a structured and centralized approach to the management of test data at an enterprise level, in order to reduce cost while increasing efficiency and quality in development and testing.