Case Studies


Global Software and Services Provider Drives Software Development Excellence Through Integration

When a multi-national software and services provider sought to unify its Atlassian Jira (development) and Micro Focus ALM/Quality Center (ALM/QC; testing) software environments for Research and Development (R&D) efforts, finding a cohesive solution was top of mind.


Orasi Helps Large Electric Supplier Automate Core Processes and…

SaskPower serves a vast network covering a large geographic area with a diverse and widely dispersed population. It’s no surprise, then, that SaskPower relies on an intricate – and sometimes disparate – system of business functions to ensure that operations run smoothly on a daily basis


Orasi Solves Support Issues for a Worldwide Provider of Navigation

After months of running into the same issue, “Orasi Support provided a solution in just two days; outstanding support!” said Jacobs.


Software Expert Orasi Provides Optimum in Personalized Support

“Orasi has developed a thorough understanding of our needs – they always strive to help us succeed in our business.” – Lisa Andrew, RCCL System Integration and Test Team

Data Sheets

Orasi API2Go

Web services test accelerator for Micro Focus Service Test/UFT.

Orasi Advanced Reporting Solution (OARS), Powered by Tableau

Customized and cost-effective reporting solutions.

Orasi Hosting Services for Micro Focus Quality Center

Leveraging the security, performance, and availability of Microsoft Azure to host Micro Focus QC in the cloud.

Services Catalogs


Application Performance Engineering Services Catalog

Performance engineering encompasses all aspects of software architecture—from designing measurable success criteria, to defining a valid test platform for analysis, to validating and optimizing the performance during development, and finally, to monitoring the performance once deployed.


Delphix Data Masking Services Catalog

Delphix is the fastest and safest way to deliver data to your test environments. Running as a virtual machine on any server or cloud, Delphix virtualizes data in databases, file systems, and applications and delivers up-to-date virtual copies for testing on demand. Delphix also automatically integrates masking to protect your data and requires a fraction of the storage space of full, physical copies.


Test Data Management Services Catalog

Test Data Management (TDM) is the practice of applying a structured and centralized approach to the management of test data at an enterprise level, in order to reduce cost while increasing efficiency and quality in development and testing.

White Papers

SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA: The Benefits of a Test-Driven Deployment

Whether a platform migration or deployment, S/4HANA implementation will involve many technical and data migration projects. Organizations should plan for significant change management and a rigorous, detailed testing process to limit potential disruption to existing operations.

Strategies for Performance Testing Custom Salesforce Deployments

For organizations using and customizing third-party software as a service—and Salesforce in particular—performance testing can be tricky. This white paper will delve into strategies that can help companies ensure success with their custom Salesforce deployments.

The Role of Web Services Testing in Achieving Application Performance

The only way to ensure that an application can connect to and successfully interoperate with each web service, every time, is through adequate testing of the web services. Yet, the sheer volume of testing such an approach makes the process daunting to most firms.