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Webinar | 5/25/17 | Chalk Talk- HPE StormRunner Load

Modern software development projects are nimble and fast, demanding a smart approach to performance testing. In too many cases, application delivery teams don’t weave load testing into the full fabric of the agile testing process. READ MORE >

May 25, 2017|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 5/23/17 | Chalk Talk Tuesday- DevOps Intelligence: Make Data Driven Software Delivery Decisions with XebiaLabs

Enterprise DevOps requires an overarching framework to organize and control your software delivery pipeline from end to end. Enter DevOps Intelligence. It's about providing you with the insight you need to deliver software more efficiently, with less risk and with better results. READ MORE >

May 23, 2017|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 4/11/17 | Chalk Talk Tuesdays – Requirements Fulfillment & Manual Testing

We are excited to deliver a 5-part webinar series on our architecture-level consulting services. The first webinar will focus on how we build the roadmap for requirements fulfillment and manual testing. READ MORE >

April 11, 2017|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 12/13/16 | Chalk Talk Tuesday – Conquer Big Data with Test Data Management

In today’s competitive markets, big data is the key to business success. But with the complexity of multiple systems, disparate data types, countless data sources, and the sheer volume of data, testing is critical to any big data effort. To effectively test big data systems, companies should implement test data management (TDM) practices. READ MORE >

December 13, 2016|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 11/15/16 | Chalk Talk Tuesday – Transitioning to Open-Source Test Automation

While open-source solutions certainly have some advantages over commercial solutions, there are also many challenges organizations face when adopting an open-source approach. For the past several years, Orasi has been busy assisting customers with overcoming these challenges and has developed extensive expertise around navigating the open-source ecosystem. READ MORE >

November 15, 2016|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 11/1/16 | Chalk Talk Tuesday – Empower Your Team with Self-Service Data Analytics

Companies of all sizes struggle with turning their data into something they can take action upon quickly enough for it to make a difference. Let us show you how Alteryx can help you prep, blend, and analyze all data to deploy and share deeper insights in hours instead of weeks. READ MORE >

November 1, 2016|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 10/18/2016 | Chalk Talk Tuesday – Analyze, Manage, and Migrate Structured Data Intelligently

HPE Structured Data Manager is a unique solution that significantly reduces capital expenses and associated administrative costs; improves business application users' productivity and overall IT staff efficiency; enables responses to legal and compliance requests quickly and effectively; and allows data to be leveraged to its highest value. READ MORE >

October 18, 2016|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 10/4/2016 | Chalk Talk Tuesday – Security Services to Fight Off the Toughest Attackers

Whether it’s enterprise, web, or mobile, the two most important aspects of any application are quality and security. We'll show you how our Saltworks Security engagement team can improve your odds when it comes to security issues. READ MORE >

October 4, 2016|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 9/20/2016 | Chalk Talk Tuesday – Foster Success with Test Data Management

Join Orasi and CA September 20 for our next Chalk Talk Tuesday, and we’ll show you how a TDM implementation is the best way to reduce cost while increasing efficiency and quality in development and testing. READ MORE >

September 20, 2016|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 8/23/2016 | Software Quality Series: Part 3

Join us for the third part of a four-part webinar series that provides an in-depth approach to introducing DevOps, continuous integration and delivery, and test automation into your software development and testing process. READ MORE >

August 23, 2016|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 6/29/2016 | Applying Continuous Integration, DevOps, and Test Automation to Boost Software Quality

Successfully implementing continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment requires standardization - not only in your application's build and deploy mechanisms, but also in your testing environment. READ MORE >

June 29, 2016|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 5/25/2016 | Delivering Secure Data

Data security is a top concern these days; as much as 80% of sensitive data resides in non-production environments and is used for development, testing, training, and reporting. In other words, the majority of your most valuable information exists in some of your least secure environments. READ MORE >

May 25, 2016|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 4/13/2016 | Quick, Efficient, Easy Management of Your ALM Server

We'll show you how Orasi and AppDynamics can help you with all of the above, as well as relieving you of all monitoring and maintenance of your ALM server—easily. READ MORE >

April 13, 2016|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 3/3/2016 | Accelerate Your SAP Testing Cycles with Database Virtualization

Need solutions and services that can help you attain an agile, virtual infrastructure that will allow you to innovate faster while spending less? READ MORE >

March 3, 2016|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 2/23/2016 | Web & Mobile App Performance Testing Made Simple

If scalability is a concern, you need a load testing solution that can scale with you. You need HPE StormRunner Load, a software-as-a-service solution for web and mobile application performance testing. READ MORE >

February 23, 2016|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 11/18/2015 | Automate Your Application Deployments with XL Deploy

Designed for enterprises with complex environments, XL Deploy is a necessity for any team that needs to deploy an ever-growing number of applications to an increasing number of target systems. READ MORE >

November 18, 2015|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 11/4/2015 | Achieve Collaboration, Flow, Traceability, Visibility with Tasktop Sync

A simple and powerful way to connect tools, share artifacts they create, and improve collaboration. Thanks to Tasktop Sync, collaboration, status updates and reporting—using email, spreadsheets, and status meetings—are a thing of the past. READ MORE >

November 4, 2015|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 10/14/2015 | All Test Results, Single Location with XL TestView

Continuing our XebiaLabs products webinar series, we now introduce you to the first test results management and analysis tool that enables users to collect results from their full spectrum of test tools in a single location, XL TestView. READ MORE >

October 14, 2015|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 9/29/2015 | Mobile testing demands a platform, not just a tool

Learn how the Perfecto Mobile MobileCloud enables not only advanced functional testing but also performance and interoperability testing for mobile apps and web sites. READ MORE >

September 29, 2015|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 9/9/2015 | Institute Continuous Delivery with XL Release

Deliver better software faster and at scale with XL Release. XL Release lets you manage, control, and visualize your Continuous Delivery pipelines so you can find and fix problems early, as well as improve the process. READ MORE >

September 9, 2015|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 8/26/2015 | Virtual Panel: Seven Things I Hate About Agile and How to Overcome Them

Join Orasi, AppDynamics, Delphix, Grid-Tools (now part of CA Technologies, Inc.), Skytap, Tasktop, TurnKey, and XebiaLabs for a virtual panel discussion regarding seven challenges that organizations "hate" about agile and how you can minimize their impact in your own agile SDLC. READ MORE >

August 26, 2015|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 8/18/2015 | Integrating Mobile Functional and Non-Functional Testing with HP

Mobile testing is more than just making sure that what your development team built works. You need to verify critical consumer use cases to make sure development did their job well. At the same time, you need to also make sure the app performs well enough that your consumers will keep on using it. READ MORE >

August 18, 2015|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 6/10/2015 | The Agile Application Delivery Trio: Testing, Data and Environments

Join Orasi, Delphix and Skytap for this high value webinar, and learn about collaborative techniques for making development and test automation plans sing, by running in sync with just-in-time virtual data and virtual environments that closely resemble production. READ MORE >

June 10, 2015|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 6/9/2015 | APM: The Ultimate Validation Tool

With APM, QA teams can use a holistic approach to test the system end-to-end. This allows them to find defects that standard QA tools may miss, and provides a more granular look at the entire system. In this webinar, you will learn how APM can be utilized in a QA process to find more defects and remove the barriers to holistic application testing. READ MORE >

June 9, 2015|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 3/19/2015 | Test Data Management: A Modern Technique to Solve an Old Problem

Test Data Management. It’s not a new concept by any means, yet most companies aren’t doing it as a thought out process, and those that are, aren’t always successful at it. READ MORE >

March 19, 2015|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 2/25/2015 | Transforming Data Management for Application Projects

Together, Orasi and Delphix are empowering application teams with test and reporting data on demand and self-service controls designed to accelerate software development lifecycles and improve release quality. READ MORE >

February 25, 2015|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 2/19/2015 | Performance Optimization Best Practices & Success Stories from the Road

In this session, you will hear a first-hand success story about a remarkable experience troubleshooting, optimizing and debugging a complex multi-tier solution. Orasi helped uncover issues in the batch processes, application code, graph database configuration, and even improved the JVM threading implementation. READ MORE >

February 19, 2015|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 1/28/2015 | Improve Time to Market with Enterprise-Class Test Data Automation

Implementing a coherent test data strategy is more important than ever before. This is primarily because agile testing and continuous delivery practices require high frequency and reliable test data, which must be accurate and efficient for every validation pass. READ MORE >

January 28, 2015|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 1/8/2015 | JIRA Bridge for HP QC/ALM: Rejuvenate the Development and QA Relationship

Learn how JIRA Bridge promotes effective communication between teams to improve overall quality and efficiency in the development process. READ MORE >

January 8, 2015|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 12/18/2014 | AppDynamics Fall ’14 Release: Revolutionizing APM!

AppDynamics Fall '14 Release includes major enhancements to the Application Intelligence platform to streamline DevOps collaboration, improve operational visibility, and deliver advanced analytics across the enterprise. READ MORE >

December 14, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 11/18/2014 | Extend Continuous Integration to Mobile

Learn how you can extend Continuous Integration to Mobile and deliver event-driven build practices for mobile apps, ensure that new builds function properly on all devices, get immediate feedback about code quality, and accelerate mobile app innovation. READ MORE >

November 18, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 11/13/2014 | Data Data Everywhere! Understand Your Data & Maximize Test Coverage

Learn about measuring your test cases against the most appropriate conditions to ensure that all of your requirements are tested. In order to maximize the quality of a solution, the testing process needs to provide the best coverage possible. READ MORE >

November 13, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 10/23/2014 | Introducing Orasi’s Digital Signature Authentication and Workflow for HP ALM/QC

HP ALM's native workflow feature provides a structure for companies to customize ALM to fit with their business processes. But when it comes to validating digital signatures within the workflow, many companies are turning to Orasi Digital Authenticator (ODA) to deliver more comprehensive validation capabilities. READ MORE >

October 23, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 10/16/2014 | Improve Your Application Performance with Complete Visibility into Real-User Experience

Modern application architectures, new technologies, and the rapid rate of change have created a perfect storm of complexity in today's applications. As a result, performance problems surface that are often difficult to identify, diagnose, and fix. READ MORE >

October 16, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 9/30/2014 | Orasi Automated Reporting Solution for Quality Assurance Reports, Scorecards and Dashboards

The Orasi Automated Reporting Solution (OARS) can automate the transformation of data into actionable information, streamlining the delivery of the right information to the right stakeholders at the right times. READ MORE >

September 30, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 9/25/2014 | Using Jenkins & LoadRunner to Support Performance Testing in Continuous Delivery

In this presentation, we will demonstrate how to leverage HP LoadRunner within Jenkins. We will review which type of performance tests work best in a CD pipeline and why. READ MORE >

September 25, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 9/10/2014 | Performance Testing: Preparing Your Site for the Holiday Rush

The holiday rush of mobile and web traffic to your site has the potential for unprecedented success. But to help prepare for traffic spikes associated with seasonal readiness and special online events, proper planning is a must! READ MORE >

September 10, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 9/9/2014 | Continuous Testing and Delivery for Mobile Apps

you'll learn how to give developers real-time feedback about how their code works, or doesn't work, on real mobile phones and tablets. You'll see how to automate the entire test cycle from the time a developer makes a code change to the time the test identifies the regression defect introduced by that change. READ MORE >

September 9, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 8/20/2014 | Automate Your Test Case Impact Analysis with Grid-Tools & HP ALM

Grid-Tools' Agile Designer (AD) fully integrates with HP ALM, allowing users to de-duplicate test cases, improve test coverage, and reduce overall project costs. READ MORE >

August 20, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 8/13/2014 | Web Services Test Automation & API2Go

As a compliment to HP Service Test, Orasi's API2Go is a web services test accelerator designed to work with HP Service Test. It provides companies with a standardized, stable, integrated web services testing framework that allows more comprehensive testing in less time. READ MORE >

August 13, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 7/24/2014 | JIRA Bridge for HP QC/ALM: Rebuilding the Development and QA Relationship

View this webinar to learn more about how JIRA Bridge promotes effective communication between development & QA teams to improve overall quality and efficiency in the development process. READ MORE >

July 24, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 7/15/2014 | Agile Designer: Test Cases Amplified

Grid-Tools has released an exciting new tool, Agile Designer (AD), to assist with the creation and implementation of test cases for an efficient and fully-covered testing methodology. Advanced techniques can help testers link expected test cases with relevant data and expected results, as well as helping to eliminate duplication of test cases and to prioritize important ones. READ MORE >

July 15, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 6/26/2014 | Introducing the Orasi Digital Authenticator (ODA)

HP ALM's native workflow feature provides a structure for companies to customize ALM to fit with their business processes. But when it comes to validating digital signatures within the workflow, many companies are turning to Orasi Digital Authenticator (ODA) to deliver more comprehensive validation capabilities. READ MORE >

June 26, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 6/4/2014 | Quantifying the Value of Continuous Testing

The value of test automation within a software lifecycle is directly related to the speed and efficiency of the results. By delivering quicker and more reliable results to the development and operations teams, the QA team will drive optimization into the overall deployment pipeline. READ MORE >

June 4, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 5/28/2014 | Test Data Management: Data Masking and Subsetting

Gain an understanding of when data masking is needed and how to use Grid-Tools Enterprise Data Masking, why subsetting is beneficial and how to use Grid-Tools Data Subset, & how to integrate data masking and subsetting into your Test Data Management Strategy. READ MORE >

May 28, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 4/22/2014 | Bring the Cloud Indoors

Mobility is transforming business. According to Forrester, there will be 700% more mobile development projects than web development projects in 2015. Enterprises are now facing new challenges in developing and delivering quality mobile apps quickly, efficiently and securely. READ MORE >

April 22, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 4/15/2014 | Tips to achieve continuous integration/delivery using HP ALM, Jenkins, and Skytap

To gain a competitive advantage in today's hyper competitive markets, businesses must constantly strive to develop, test, and release better software faster. This is made possible by means of continuously integrating, testing, and delivering new applications. READ MORE >

April 15, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 3/26/2014 | Optimizing Test Teams for Continuous Delivery

The ultimate goal of a test team is to deliver the highest quality solution to the end users. Continuous delivery is a set of practices and goals that coordinates testing with operations as well as development. READ MORE >

March 26, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 3/20/2014 | Adding Mobile To Your HP Best Practices

Mobility is no longer a luxury; it is a competitive requirement. But for companies trying to keep pace with the proliferation of mobile operating systems and devices, maintaining high performance and security standards can place a strain on established QA methodologies. READ MORE >

March 20, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 3/6/2014 | Best Practices to Ensure Mobile App Success

In this webinar, we will examine the trends that are driving mobility in the enterprise environment and assess traditional testing methods versus mobile testing disciplines, including manual/automation, crowdsourcing, onsite/cloud, etc. READ MORE >

March 6, 2014|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 1/28/2014 | Remedy Bridge for HP Quality Center

Remedy Bridge enables a true collaboration between IT Service Management and their counterpart Product Development and Quality groups by seamlessly coordinating incident, problem, and asset information between your teams, while offering your teams the flexibility to use the tools that best fit their needs. READ MORE >

January 28, 2014|Recorded Events|

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