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Past Events

Webinar | 12/13/16 | Chalk Talk Tuesday – Conquer Big Data with Test Data Management

In today’s competitive markets, big data is the key to business success. But with the complexity of multiple systems, disparate data types, countless data sources, and the sheer volume of data, testing is critical to any big data effort. To effectively test big data systems, companies should implement test data management (TDM) practices. READ MORE >

December 13, 2016|Recorded Events|

Webinar | 11/15/16 | Chalk Talk Tuesday – Transitioning to Open-Source Test Automation

While open-source solutions certainly have some advantages over commercial solutions, there are also many challenges organizations face when adopting an open-source approach. For the past several years, Orasi has been busy assisting customers with overcoming these challenges and has developed extensive expertise around navigating the open-source ecosystem. READ MORE >

November 15, 2016|Recorded Events|

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