Orasi System Information

Orasi System Information (OSI) quickly allows users or Orasi support engineers to detect configuration issues by comparing pre- and post-installation system information. End users can use this tool to obtain a baseline configuration after implementation and compare changes with a later run, helping to identify any issues that may arise.

Why use this tool?
OSI was developed to help automate some of the repetitive processes used in the troubleshooting and analysis of support cases. OSI quickly extracts data from a customer’s machines and presents it in an efficient text format, which can be easily shared between team members and Orasi support engineers.

Please use this utility to gather information about your system needed by the engineer on your support case.
Or, if you have trouble downloading a .exe, download the .zip from here.

For complete instructions on this utility, see this document.

Upon completion, please upload a copy of the OrasiSysInfo.zip to your support case. Upon our receipt of this data file, we will review the information and offer advice toward the resolution of your issues.