Atlanta, GA and Denver, CO – August 20, 2012 –– Orasi Software, an HP Software Specialist Enhanced Partner, and TurnKey Solutions, a global HP partner, today announced a strategic partnership whereby Orasi will resell TurnKey Solutions’ collaboration products and integrate them into the services they offer clients.

TurnKey Solutions’ products are built on top of the industry-leading HP ALM products, and eliminate the need for coding or scripting. TurnKey products are designed to increase the user’s ability to simplify high-quality application delivery while decreasing the cost of quality and accelerating application-driven business. The products are particularly attractive to the non-technical business user.

“Orasi chose to work with TurnKey Solutions to enhance the benefits for users of HP quality and ALM solutions,” said Mark Lewis, VP of sales at Orasi. “Orasi was built on providing our customers with best-of-class technology and services, focused on application quality and testing. The Turnkey partnership fits very well into our overall strategic vision.”

TurnKey Solutions offers automated testing products that transform HP Software Management into an easier-to-use and more cost-effective system.

The combination of the comprehensive TurnKey product suite and Orasi’s expertise and outstanding services capabilities result in a world class solution for our mutual customers,” said Daniel Gannon, President and CEO of TurnKey Solutions. “Together we will improve the quality of enterprise applications, reduce the cost of managing the change process, and enable businesses to become more agile. Customers will benefit from the ability to perform end to end, cross platform business process validation.

About TurnKey
Incorporated in 1992, TurnKey Solutions is based in Denver, CO with offices located across the U.S. TurnKey sells and supports products and services worldwide directly and through their partner network. At TurnKey Solutions, they build the expertise right into their software, creating a platform that is intelligent and adaptive enough to allow your business-process data to determine the flow of your tests. TurnKey provides data-driven testing for ERP, CRM and custom software application environments. Partnered exclusively with HP, they cooperatively offer automated testing products that transform HP Software Management into an easier-to-use and more cost-effective system. For more information, visit TurnKey’s web site at