Mobile Testing: Kobiton

While many companies are embracing mobile testing in the cloud, others may need to test on physical devices in-house. Or, they may choose a hybrid approach to gain the benefits of both worlds. Whichever path they choose, it is essential that they have an effective means of managing not only the devices, but also the tests themselves.

A centralized administration console can offer significant benefits to organizations using a hybrid approach to mobile testing.

When testing a mobile app, the multitude of devices and networks alone can prove challenging. When organizations must also manage devices in-house, as well as on public and private clouds, the task can be intimidating. To effectively manage their devices and processes, they need a solution that provides simplified management of all devices, regardless of location. If that solution also supports manual and automated testing, centralized testing activities and rich test logs for root cause analysis, the choice for organizations is clear.

To help organizations implement mobile testing on-premise and in the cloud, Orasi has partnered with Kobiton.

Benefits of Kobiton

  • Offers full support for gestures, device orientation, scrolling and more across all devices.
  • Supports manual and automated testing in the cloud and on-premise with real devices.
  • Combines public, private and local device management in a centralized interface.
  • Captures detailed logs — including screenshots, videos and system metrics — for comprehensive root cause analysis.
  • Supports continuous integration and delivery with parallel execution of test scripts.
  • Supports Appium, as well as Katalon Studio and more for seamless test execution.

Orasi has partnered with leaders in mobile technology since the earliest days of the field. Our expertise, coupled with our strong partnership with Kobiton, makes us uniquely positioned to help organizations leverage the power of mobile testing technology, whether on-premise or in the cloud.


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